Obstetric care

At Chelsea well women, we know that easy and direct access to obstetric care is vital for expectant mothers. The philosophy of our maternity care is to provide the best care for mother in pregnancy and aim to have a safe delivery for the baby. From the very first appointment through to your delivery, you will be provided direct care with Mr Raza. We book all of our patients in Kensington ward (private in Chelsea and Westminster hospital), which is an internationally renowned unit and operate to the highest standards.

Most of our patients book at an early stage in pregnancy and we encourage this for continuity of care from very early stage. During your consultations, you will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your care however any late bookings are fully accommodated along with the delivery request only. Different prices apply to these packages so please contact our Assistant practice manager to discuss the comprehensive pregnancy package.

Consultant led care brings assurance and confidence to have access to a consultant Obstetrician for 24 hours from first booking visit to delivery and then for 6 weeks after delivery. You will be seen regularly and as necessary for review throughout out the pregnancy.

An Obstetric practice demands a high degree of skill, commitment, experience and responsibility to patient care. Mr Raza will do his best to provide full service however there will be times when he is not available due to other professional commitments such as educational eave/meetings. We will always endeavor to inform you in advance and will provide you with alternate arrangements in my absence.

Initial Consultation

This first visit is a really good time for women and their partners to ask us all the questions and to confirm their decision to be looked after by us. We like to see women/couples for their first pregnancy visit as early as possible, ideally between 6 and 8 weeks. The first visit will generally involve a full consultation and a routine examination. An internal examination is not usually necessary, but we may recommend a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to confirm that all is well and that the pregnancy is developing as expected.

At the first visit we will also discuss the options available for screening for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome. We offer an early Harmony test at 10 weeks.

The next few early consultations:


A comprehensive series of blood tests will be offered at around 12-15 weeks. We arrange a detailed ultrasound nuchal translucency scan at 12-13 weeks, combined with blood tests, which make the screening more accurate and also (anomaly scan) at around 20 weeks when the growth of the baby is usually such that a careful examination of the development of all the crucial organs can be made.

The second half of pregnancy

We continue to see our clients at least once a month until 28 weeks and then every other week until 36 weeks followed by every weekly check with Mr Raza. These consultations usually last 20 – 30 minutes during which we check blood pressure, urine, baby’s position and heart beat and make sure that the pregnancy is progressing as it should. It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, to build trust and confidence, and to discuss any concerns or difficulties. It also enables us to try and answer any questions that may arise.

Blood tests and ultrasound scans are performed as necessary, depending on the individual pregnancy. We would usually repeat blood tests at least at 28 and 36 weeks and perform a growth scan at least at the 32 weeks stage. As the pregnancy draws to a close we can also discuss your birth preferences. We will listen to your preferences and guide you on what we think are the best choices for your individual pregnancy. At around 38 weeks we perform a vaginal examination to assess the pelvis and the neck of the womb (and offer swabs for GBS). This examination may give us additional information on how long we might expect the pregnancy to continue and how easy or difficult we think the birth will be!

Towards the end of the pregnancy, a plan for the birth/delivery will be discussed in more detail. We will talk about the signs to watch out associated with spontaneous labour in addition to the pros and cons of induction of labour and Caesarean Section if required. Once in labour, Mr Raza aim to provide continuity wherever possible.

The pregnancy related changes do not end with delivery hence the care for all the delivered mothers. Mr Raza will provide full postnatal care until 6 weeks after delivery. This helps with deal with issues as mastitis, irregular bleeding and pelvic pain.

At Chelsea Well Women we offer several types of packages.

  • Early pregnancy, which is from the positive pregnancy test to week 12.
  • A full pregnancy care package, which includes care starting from 12 weeks all the way to delivery and postnatal care.
  • Cesarean section package.

Please contact Claire for more information and prices.