Why Laparoscopic?


The key-hole surgery is now the preferable approach in all surgical operations. Most of the Gynaecological operation can now be performed with key-hole surgery. Following is the brief list of operations, which can be performed with key hole surgery.

1. Hysterectomy (Removel of uterus)
2. Myomectomy (Removel of fibroids)
3. Ovarian cystectomy (Removel of ovarian cysts)
4. Fallopian tuboplasty (To repair the blocked fallopian tubes)
5. Excision of endometriosis (Removel of peritoneal endometriosis)
6. Subtotal Hysterectomy (Removel of uterus only leaving the cervix)

However it is not always possible to do a key-hole surgery for example fibroids are too large to be operated by key hole surgery. Mr Raza assesses every patient on her merits and makes the best decision. The only challenge is that key-hole surgery needs particular expertise and training.

Mr Raza has vast expertise in key-hole surgery. He carries out complex laparoscopic operation for all gynaecological conditions as explained above. He is a national and international trainer in this field and has trained surgeon in many countries for laparoscopic surgery. He operaties in Chelsea and Westminster hospital (PVT Chelsea wing) and Lister hospital Chelsea bridge.